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► no quiero

Part of compilation Ruta 100:The Best of Los Angeles. Latin Alternative scene. Winner of “Hurban” category for Verizon’s  Hispanic Heritage Month


► agua y aceite

Chill out version by platinum  producer Dani Tomas. As heard on Travel Tips from Aztlan and Mas FM, 90.7 FM KFPK Los Angeles.


► le flute

Instrumental commercial tune. Jingle/music bed requested by Orci Advertising for Lactaid dairy product substitutes for those with intolerance.


► enamorá

Written with OTI winner guitarist/composer Richard Gomez. Placed on Argentinean movie “Cuesion de Principios” Version performed vocally by Argentinean singer Mary Entraigues

► la party no para

Written with costa rican rapper Paco Jimenez and producer Steevo. Placed on HBO show Entourage and The District, on the same episode Natasha performed as Alana. Total serendipity.

► ultima advertencia

Co-written and produced with Dani Tomas, A very pop green song about global warming. Produced for ASCAP song-writer’s workshop promotional C.D.