As a singer songwriter Natasha has performed from coast to coast in the U.S and Europe.

She started developing her solo project in the underground local Los Angeles Scene scene.  Her songs have been played in TV shows like HBO’s Entourage, The District and FOX’s Jonny Zero

On the Venezuelan Box office movie “La Hora Zero” Natasha provided vocals for the opening tittle track “Caracas”, along Artist David Mazarri; her song “Enamorá” was recently picked up on the Argentinean movie ”Cuestion de Principios” and “No quiero” (I don’t want to) was included in the American CD compilation ‘Ruta 100: The best of Los Angeles Latin Alternative Scene, produced by Josh Norek (National Records V.P, and co-founder of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, LAMC). and now her songs can be heard on the nationally syndicated show: The Latin Alternative.

Folk at times, with evident jazzy, electronic, Latin and alternative influences, this artist’s voice is powerful and beautifully melodic. The words in her music -which she usually writes and produces at her home-studio- are truth-revealing poetry with intimate themes such as female hormones or as universal as money and power. Perez’s common denominator with the pop female artists of her generation is to share her life experiences and points of view in compositions with light melodies and aggressive lyricism. 


The Great Western Forum, Universal Amphitheater in LA, The Bowery Ballroom in New York (as part of the LAMC), Knitting Factory, La Scene de Bastille in Paris are some of the venues where she has been singing with all her rage and passion. She’s shared the stage with well known Latin Alternative projects such as the Nortec Collective, La Ley, Titan, Si*Se, Los Pericos, La Lupita, Jumbo, Ely Guerra and Niño Astronauta.

Aside from playing the guitar, ukelele, some bass guitar and keyboards, Perez is also a session singer. Her acting and music some times cross roads like in the musical “Paloma” or on the screening of the documentary “Now en Español”. During the shooting of M. Night Shyamalan’s film “Lady in the Water”, she had the opportunity of playing her music in front of the director, Paul Giamatti and the crew.  The response? “Awesome!” said M. Night. “Did you write that one? Excellent song… good, good voice!” expressed Giamatti.